Toronto - Canada

Bio: Aneeta has worked with Senior Executives at major corporations in North America, knows what it takes to serve as an extraordinary Executive Assistant, and shares the tools, strategies, and principles that make Executive Assistants thrive. Her goal is to give Executive Assistants everything they need to SHINE in the eyes of their employers. What is the secret to Aneeta’s success? Her most important attribute is her “Can-Do” attitude. Aneeta has created the DNA for Commitment, Detail-oriented, Efficient, Fearless, and Go-getter so you too can SHINE in the eyes of your Executive. Aneeta started as an Executive Assistant at the age of 19 and has acquired a lot of skills and knowledge since then. Over a span of 3 decades, she has had the opportunity to work in various companies as Executive Assistant. Over those years, she has accumulated wisdom and now wants to help Executive Assistants become outstanding in their careers. Aneeta’s byline is “Believe in Yourself” (BIY). There is tremendous power in words that can contribute to one’s success. Trust is a major component of the foundation of successful interpersonal relationships. In the corporate arena, behind every successful Executive, there is an Executive Assistant that makes business happen. Aneeta currently is a Senior Executive Assistant for the Senior Vice President of Insurance at The Empire Life Insurance Company in Canada.

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