Don’t miss the early bird – ending on Friday, February 17, 2017

Advanced Certificate for the Executive Personal Assistant (ACEPA™)

Brought to you by Innoverto who cares for your Professional Development

A 5-day internationally certified and accredited training program

(Toronto, Canada – May 1-2-3-4-5, 2017 at The Soho Metropolitan Hotel)

Top 10 reasons to attend the ACEPA Training:

  1. Understand the key fundamentals of corporate behaviour

  2. Understand the linkages between strategy, projects and operations

  3. Understand the art of effective communication

  4. Organise and run effective meetings

  5. Enhance your presentation skills

  6. Appreciate the importance and benefits of people management and leadership

  7. Appreciate the qualities of being an effective personal assistant

  8. Learn how to manage conflict

  9. Undertake basic Problem Solving activities

  10. Master the art of Multi Tasking

    I am excited to announce that the Advanced Certificate for the Executive Assistant ACEA™ training course will be coming to Toronto Canada for the first time!

    I will be your guest speaker during the training and will be sharing with you some of my anecdotes based on my book with real life examples of being an EA – “Shine – Secrets of Extraordinary Executive Assistants”. I will give a signed copy of my book to the first 10 participants who will sign up by Friday, February 17, 2017.

    About Innoverto –

    Innoverto is a corporate training and events management company representing some of the worlds leading training programs. Through partnerships with leading organisations worldwide, Innoverto offers high-quality business training including certified courses such as the Advanced Certificate for the Executive Assistant.

    The Advanced Certificate for the Executive Assistant ACEA™ is an interactive intensive 5-day internationally certified and accredited training program that addresses the increasingly diverse roles expected of the modern Executive Assistant.

    The trainer, Richard Arnott, an accomplished Program Director and Big 4 Management Consultant with over 25 years global project and program management experience has been praised as a trainer and for delivering a top-down perspective that an  EA does not always get to hear.

As one of my contacts, I’m happy to offer in addition to a signed copy of my book an extended super early bird price until February 17th!

The super early bird price is CAD 3249 (The regular early bird price is CAD 3459 and standard price is CAD 4149) – that is a CAD900 saving if you register with the SHINE2017 coupon code.

In order to ensure the best possible price, please use the coupon code SHINE2017, visit: and type in SHINE 2017 as the coupon code. You can also register by email and mention the coupon code.

We know it is difficult to get the approval and to justify being out of the office for 5 days – hence we have put together a business case letter that you can share with your manager!

EAs do have a busy schedule but you will notice that this course will in the long term save you time and your company will also see how it will provide great value to your company.

Let me know if you would like to register and I will ensure the best possible price.

I look forward to hearing from you and to seeing you at the ACEA training!

Best regards,

Aneeta Pathak