What are your fears?

  • Fear of taking risks
  • Fear of priorities and deadlines
  • Fear of being late for work
  • Fear that you have been rude to your peers when you were too preoccupied working on an important project
  • Fear of having a new boss
  • Fear of rejection when asking for a raise
  • Fear for being wrong
  • Fear for not being recognized
  • Fear of not being trusted by your leader or your peers
  • Fear of failure

This is a never-ending list; we come across this FEAR phenomenon almost everyday. Is there a day that you can recall when you were totally fearless! Face Everything And Rise. If you want to fear less, be fearless! We all know that being frightened make us lose all our means.

Fear is that little invisible beast which is always clinging to our shoulders, preventing us from growing, achieving and succeeding.

Being fearless does not mean that you live without fear. It means regardless of every barrier and every uncertainty you go through, never give up until you reach your goal. We have to be fearless, we have to take chances.